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Hello beautiful people, I trust y'all are doing fine. On the blog today, we will be talking skin care. My last skin care post on my blog was about my FACIAL SKIN CARE  but its been a long time so, I decided to do another post also because some things have changed and I'll also talk about my body skin care.

When I started house job, I was fresh but during that one year, I was stressed, started breaking out although when I complain to my friends, they usually ask me where the breakouts are lol. The truth is my breakouts were stressed related, at some point I became dark, used whatever I could find on my skin, ate lots of junks, drank lots of fizzy drinks, didn't have a proper skin care routine and didn't put efforts into skin care.

When I finished Housejob, It was time for me to invest on skin care products, try out new products as some of the old ones I talked about in my previous post were bought in Ukraine and actually take care of my self.
So, my sister hooked me up with a friend of hers that has a store which deals in makeup, beauty products and hair care in general. Before going to the store, my list was made as I didn't want to get carried away or buy unnecessary things. My list contained a toner and a face scrub those were the two things I was lacking.
On getting to the store with my friend Thelma who was also interested in buying some products, we met my sisters friend who was a guy named Ibrahim and he welcomed us so well. There were so many products to choose from and I was already getting confused lol. Ibrahim actually helped me decide on all the products I got and also gave me reasons why.
 My routine remains same as the one from my previous posts. Been using these facial products for about three weeks now and I love how they make my face feel. The good thing is that I've never been the one to have skin conditions like acne, allergies etc but I still want my skin to improve. It's all about getting a better, clearer skin with some glow this season.
SCRUB: This happens to be the first thing I do in terms of skin care but I scrub my face about 3-4 times in a week usually in the morning and night or once daily depending on my mood and the activities of the day. So, I apply this tumeric and salt containing scrub on my face and leave for about 5 minutes and then wash off before I shower in the morning. Talking about tumeric, there are so many beauty benefits of tumeric. This scrub reduces facial acne, can be used all over the body, makes your complexion lighter, fresher and silky smooth. It's really important to exfoliate dead cells. The most interesting thing for me is when washing this scrub off, it feels like soap on the face which means I don't have to apply soap to wash my face so it serves as a scrub and cleanser. I usually wash this off with my bath gloves.
Guess how much it costs?? N900.
BATH: Being in the dermatology unit during my house job opened my eyes to so many things. I've never been a fan of antiseptic soaps i'll rather use bath gels or toilet soaps. The truth is antiseptic soaps does more harm than good to your skin. Using antibacterial soaps doesn't necessarily protect you or make you immune to diseases. These medicated soaps actually weaken the normal flora of the skin and no wonder when patient present to the dermatology clinic in my hospital with some skin conditions, my senior doctor Dr Akwara would ask what kind of soap or cream they use and if they mentioned those antibacterial soaps, he would ask them to stop and use only toilet soaps like Lux, Joy, Irish spring, etc and these soaps run the risk of injuring your skin because they contain harmful substances that can damage the normal flora of the skin, making it susceptible to infections. This also serves as my facial cleanser / wash when I do not use my face scrub.
The soap I currently use is LUX with a body sponge.
MOISTURIZE: After having my bath, I make sure the water on my body doesn't dry up properly and then I apply my body cream to my damp skin which helps to absorb my lotion fully and lock in moisture. I also do not rough towel-dry rather, I gentle pat-dry my skin with a towel which also helps to keep skin damp. This tip was learnt during my posting in the dermatology clinic. Currently using Shea moisture hydrating body lotion which was in my goodie bag from their event which I was invited for last year and it leaves my skin feeling soft. I'm going to stick to it so once this finishes, i'm going to to purchase another one. Hopefully, its readily available and if not, moving on to the next.
Another thing I use to moisturize once in a while especially during harmattan is coconut oil.
TONE: The toner I started using recently is the Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight and fade toner which helps to reduce breakouts in just hours, revealing clearer, more even-toned skin. It's clinically proven to reduce pimple size, swelling and redness in under 8 hours. That's fast!
It is advised to use 1-3 times daily but I use twice daily in the morning and at night.
It costs N3000
Another thing I added to my routine is this A.M GLOW which contains glycerin, rose water, organ oil and botanical complex. Ibrahim recommended it and I bought it because I'm interested in trying out skin care products and most importantly because it contains organ oil, rose water and glycerin which all have beauty and skin benefits. So all I just do after my toner dries up is apply this A.M glow in the morning and at night. I've also been applying it on my body, the feel is great and the smell is sweet.
This helps  to rejuvenate skin texture and prevents premature aging and it costs N3500
WIPES: They are essential for ladies wether you have makeup on or not. This has not changed and I'm still using my cucumber cleansing face wipes to remove my makeup or all the dirt my skin encountered during the day, before washing off my face. Fortunately a friend hooked me up and I'm impressed they actually sell this in Nigeria as all the ones bought in Ukraine have been exhausted.
I also still use my Mary Kay Skinvigorate cleansing brush from this POST twice every week and at night only. Costs N700.
The new products have been cool and I hope they really work. Also, I'm interested on doing reviews on skin care products preferably natural ones so, if you are a brand that deals with natural skin care products, you can reach out to me.

If you are in Lagos/Nigeria and you want to purchase these products or other makeup products, you can contact me for some and shop for some at COSMETICS GALLERY 13 University road Abule Oja Akoka Yaba.
Please let me know your thoughts on this post and are let me know the products you use for your skin.
Thank you and see y'all in my next post. Cheers!!

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  1. Milk is one of the herbal skin whitener. Always practice it to your face, and wash your face as often you can.

  2. I appreciated the tips you gave in your article for me to take better care of my skin. I liked how you suggest proper face washing on a daily basis to help keep my skin clear and healthy.
    Lena ||

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  4. Well said! Most people don’t stop to think about the important things when it comes to skincare… ingredients and simplicity of routine. If it’s not simple, it won’t be sustainable. Consistency over time is what gets results.
    Skin Care Product For Men

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