Sunday, May 20, 2018

Hey guys! How are we all doing??
Today on the blog is something different from the usual outfit/lifestye/skin care post and I'm really excited because its a BEAUTY POST yas!
So, I received a mini package from ORIGINAL COSMETICS based in Nigeria. This online store makes it easy to purchase authentic makeup, beauty and cosmetic products. The mini package received contained three Milani lipsticks in different shades. Although I’m not a fan of pink and not a makeup artist/beauty blogger but I was excited to try something new, create content for my blog and show another creative side of me.

Milani is an international drug store brand with displays that are filled with so many cruelty-free pigmented cosmetics. The first time I tried this product was three summers ago at Ikeja city mall in Lagos when I was looking for an affordable powder for my day to day looks instead of using Mac everyday. So, a lady suggested and tried on Milani powder for me which was perfect but I didn’t get it then because I just couldn't make up my mind..
To cut the long story short, I bought it during my housejob and I really love it. Been using it non stop and its very affordable.
First time trying milani lipsticks and I must say they are nice and also very affordable. Each lipstick costs N2800.The gold packaging of the lipsticks is so beautiful and classy although, I had to apply like 2-3 layers before getting what I wanted.
1) Milani Color Statement Lipstick - 21 Sangria
This is a matte lipstick with a slightly glossy finish and is a perfect combination of a matte and satin lipstick. Doesn’t leave your lips too dry, not too shiny and smells like watermelon. It’s a gorgeous deep berry shade with purple undertones. It has great pigmentation and the truth about this lipstick is even after wiping out the lipstick, it leaves your lips with this beautiful berry color which is really nice with gloss on it. Please shop HERE
2) Milani Statement Color Lipstick - 19 Raspberry Rush 
This is described as a “raspberry metallic.” It’s a brightened, medium-dark fuchsia-shimmered pink-red with a frosted, metallic finish. For the sake of this post, I decided not to use any lipliners so we can see what they look like exactly. Raspberry rush is my least favorite. Its nice but I’m not fan of pink like I stated earlier and the only pink one that has my heart and works for me is Mac’s Candy yum yum. Please shop HERE
3) Milani Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick - 65 Glam
My absolute favorite because it's matte and the shade of purple is beautiful. It's infused with grape seed extract imported from Italy. This smear - proof lipstick lasts for long and won't budge. The texture of lipstick is creamy and also moisturizing. I love it and I'll rock it more. Please shop HERE
My makeup was done by me, my sister Ayomide took my pictures and I edited them. Really glad everything came out well and I’m proud of myself. For those that might be interested to know, I’m wearing Black Opal true color foundation in beautiful bronze which was in my goody bag from their launch in Nigeria a while back. I love love it.Thank you for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it and please let me know if you like this type of content and would want me to do more product reviews. I’ll be happy to go out of my comfort zone for you guys. Have you also tried on milani lipsticks before? would love to know in the comment section. Cheers!!

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  1. Bukky, nice beauty post. I don't wear lipstick but I love the milani raspberry rush colour.

  2. This lipsticks her my all time favorite. Please do check makeup lesson by expert , to improve your skill and make your work more effective!

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  4. That's an amazing article about lipstick review. Thanks for sharing very informative content. Here some sample like that please check here

  5. Beauty WorksDiscount

    She Looking nice in picture but but i wanna to tell her try red lipstick


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