Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Birthday girl in the house people!!! Hello darlings, it's another June 13 and I'm so happy. All I just want to do today is take out time to actually thank God, count all my blessings and commit this new year into his hands.

Your girl is getting old guys and being an adult is so not easy but I'm grateful for the opportunity to even be alive.

During my birthday last year, I was doing my medical internship and I finished this year before my birthday. That one year broke me, made me, toughened me and strengthened me. I met some amazing people and learnt lots of new stuff. I also had some personal challenges but I just look back and smile cos my God came through as usual. I'm really not certain about the future but I know God brought me this far for a reason and he won't leave me alone. In this past year, some friends and people dear had to go. I'm really not bothered because I don't need a whole lot of people to go through this journey with me so, bye fellas. Grateful for those who are still on this journey with me. I appreciate and love y'all.
For this post, I actually thought of sharing some lessons learnt this past year but I went through my last birthday post and realized the lessons learnt then have not changed. So please check out that post HERE I'll just say I'm stronger and wiser than I was this time last year.
Currently in Atlanta Georgia trying to have the best time of my life and I'm grateful to God and my parents for making this possible. Really needed the change of environment.
Lets talk about my outfit and makeup. I really wanted to get suited up like a boss lady but my plans didn't turn out well. Shoutout to MAZELLE STUDIO for coming through last minute and KAYODE for making it happen. Mazelle Studio is a contemporary fashion brand based in Lagos Nigeria. They have really amazing and unique pieces like this gorgeous red layered ruffle jumpsuit I'm wearing.
Special thanks to my lovely and talented sister Ayomide for slaying my hair and makeup. You can check her Instagram page HERE. Everything is perfect!!
Please just take out your time to say a prayer for me. May God bless you as you do so.

Pictures were taken by my photographer of life ZIMMANI who understood how I wanted my pictures and brought them to life. Thank you all for visiting I really appreciate you.

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