Monday, July 23, 2018

Hello beautiful people, I trust you all are doing fine and happy new week. I have been so busy, haven't really had time to publish on the blog and had some other challenges but in all things, I'm learning to give thanks to God and trying to handle the situation well.

I've also been doing my last minute shopping for NYSC orientation camp. For my Non- Nigerian readers, NYSC is known as The National Youth Service Corps which is done for one year after graduation and is aimed at involving the country's graduates in the development of the country. Corps members are posted to different states where they are expected to mix with people from different ethnic groups, social and family backgrounds and this is aimed at fostering unity in the country and help youths appreciate other ethnic groups.
I'll be serving in Lagos State and i'm so excited for this new phase of my life although, camping reminds me of when I was in boarding and I feel its no big deal but my friends and sister have been telling me NYSC camp is worse than boarding school lol! I'm prepared mentally, physically and I know I'll survive. Another thing I really wanted to do last week was to get my Permanent Voters Card(PVC) for the 2019 elections and I'm glad it was sorted out last week.
Okay enough of the Nysc and Pvc talk lol! let's get straight into the business of today. In my last post HERE, I talked about always trying to work with photographers whenever I travel.
This post is a collaboration with another photographer based in Atlanta named LESLIE. I fell in love with her Instagram page after my friend Nana told me about her and asked me to reach out to her. Trust me guys, I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by. Leslie is an amazing photographer, she has worked with great brands and I really loved her work with Creme of Nature. The pictures were amazing! Never knew she was a black woman until I actually met her. Leslie was so sweet and she has a cute little smart daughter. I really enjoyed every bit of this shoot, loved how the outfit blended with the location and quality of pictures. Pictures were taken at West Midtown Atlanta.
My dad gave me this ankara fabric from the Lagos at 55 years celebration and I actually made up my mind to make a pinafore dress from it. The best option for styling this dress was wearing a white shirt and I love how this look turned out. I'm also in love with midi pencil dresses now. I had it in mind to wear sandals with higher heels but I had a muscle strain that day and didn't want to put pressure on my legs hence the shorter heels.
Thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate everyone of you and sorry in advance because I doubt if I'll be able to post from the camp cos I'm not going with my laptop just to avoid stories that touch the heart lol! but I'll be posting on my Instagram so please follow me HERE so you don't miss out on my camp update. Cheers!!!


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  1. I love this post... the colors on the fabric and the background are giving me joy ❤️❤️ .. keep soaring babes 💋💋

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