Friday, July 13, 2018

I really cant believe my one month holiday is over!!!

Hello darlings, how are we all doing? So, I was in Atlanta Georgia for a month like I mentioned in this post HERE. The change of environment was necessary and I’m really happy because I had an amazing time, met new people, rested well, ate all sort which I have to suffer for later, shopped and made some future plans/decisions. One of the things I try to achieve whenever I travel somewhere new is take great pictures for blog content just like I did HERE, HERE and HERE when I was in Philadelphia.
 I love meeting and working with great photographers. Found this amazing photographer on Instagram and I humbly reached out to him for a collaboration because I loved his work which he agreed unlike some other photographers who didn’t respond or weren’t interested. Those ones didn’t discourage me but rather, I kept on reaching out to more photographers as a hustler that I am lol!Myself and Benjamin finally decided on the day to shoot and Location. We settled for Shops at Buckhead. Prior to that day, I had been to Buckhead about two or three times with one of my Instagram followers who is now my new friend. I’ll give you guys the gist another day.
The name Buckhead sounds fancy and I already fell in love with the name the very first time I heard it. Buckhead is fine!! and it's known to be an area where rich people live. God please provide for me because I need to buy a house there someday. Buckhead is the uptown district of Atlanta Fulton County, Georgia and its a major commercial and financial center of the Southeast. It is a shopping district with more than 1500 retail units and it also contains the highest concentration of upscale boutiques in the United States. Buckhead is also a center for healthcare and is home to two hospitals Piedmont Hospital which specializes in Spinal cord injury and Shepherd Center which specializes in acquired brain injury.
 The shops at Buckhead also offers a unique dining experience. Lots of wonderful restaurants. I really love Atlanta and one of the reasons is because of Buckhead.
The Ankara dress in this post was made by a Nigerian designer and she’s been making my outfits since the beginning of this year. The dress was made for a wedding which I knew about before traveling. Wedding was done in Arkansas another state in the USA. The official color of the wedding was purple and I wasn’t in the mood to carry heavy and dramatic materials to travel so, I just settled for Ankara even though it didn’t sit well with my mum lol! Really love the style of the dress and length. Made up my mind to shoot this dress for the blog after loving the way I looked on the wedding day and trust me guys, I got lots of compliments and some people went as far as taking pictures of my outfit. Braiding my hair was the best option since I was going to be traveling for a month and my hair color choice was made after taking a poll on Instagram. 
Benjamin came through with these pictures!!! I screamed when I saw them because I loved how he captured everything, from the flower backdrop, attention to details and most importantly the editing. Thanks so much Benjamin for a job well done and I’m glad I met you. I’ll drop his Instagram details so you can also see his work. Thank you all for visiting, I really enjoyed doing my makeup and styling my hair for this shoot. Please let me know what you think about this look in the comment section.
Earrings: JUMIA

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