Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Hey guys! how are we all doing? your girl is back with another blog post in collaboration with one of my favorite fashion bloggers in Nigeria, Tuke. The first time I had a collaboration with Tuke was in 2015 and you can find that post HERE.

Since our last collaboration, we've been keeping in touch and finally decided to bless you guys with another collaboration post and I was so happy when we concluded on this collaboration because we finally get to be in the same picture unlike the last collaboration where we shot our looks separately.
For those of you who don't know who Tuke is, she's a saxophonist, a Lifestyle blogger and a You-tuber who's doing so well for herself.
Please check out her Instagram page HERE and her blog for really nice blog posts TUKESQUEST.
For this collaboration, Tuke told me about a lady who came to Nigeria and goes by the name Amin doing a blogger style shoot for just N2,000 naira which was very cheap and we agreed to use her because I trusted Tuke's judgement and also felt it'll be nice to work with a female photographer / creative individual.
Before the shoot, I had been having symptoms of malaria and even had to go to the shoot venue with my blanket but the shoot was worth it and I really had a nice time. Amin is such a lovely lady, I loved her vibes, she's friendly, really creative and most importantly, I loved how she was in charge of the shoot. Please check out her Instagram page here EVERYTHINGNAART for her amazing work.
We decided to do two looks for our collaboration and Ankara had to be one of them because we wanted something colorful and also because we both love Ankara. For this look, Tuke is wearing this gorgeous yellow ankara dress and I'm wearing this beautiful Ankara wrap top paired with a white pencil skirt and white camisole.
The location was dope, looking like an art gallery. I really love everything about the location, from the white wall, to the colorful chairs, paintings and the artwork. Unfortunately, I cant disclose the location but all I can say is Amin did us well and gave us the best. The location was just perfect for our shoot!!
My Ankara wrap top was one of the three pieces sent to me by a fashion brand in the US known as Adensecret. I really love the the print and style. My hair was made into a wig by my talented junior sister Ayomide and it's an old weave I have rocked on two different occasions. 
Nigerian fashion blogger
I really hope you love this collaboration with Tuke just as much as I do. Thanks for visiting and see you in my next post. Cheers!!

Skirt: Tailored
Camisole: Forever21
Hair: DYHAIR777
Purse: Shop & Go
Wristwatch: MichaelKors which was a birthday gift from my darling friend Thelma.

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