Friday, September 14, 2018

I'm sorry guys! I'm really sorry for not being consistent. It's been beyond my control. I have been trying to sort out my work place for my service year for over 3 weeks and it's been so frustrating going to the same place over and over. I'm always tired and haven't even had any inspiration to work on blog posts. The only thing on my mind has been to sort out this work issue and I'm glad I finally did. Thank God for God and thank God for my Dad. Grateful because I can move on with my life, work on blog posts and just be productive.
Sorry to bore y'all with all that plenty talk. How are you guys doing? I'm back with another post and I'm so excited to be sharing this with you guys not just because of how amazing the pictures are but also because there a story behind it.
I started planning this shoot with Seun since February this year wow! one thing always came up but to cut the long story short, we worked on this editorial in July before I went to camp. When Seun reached out to me, we agreed on doing a fashion and beauty editorial and fashion had to come first.
Seun really made everything easy for me although, he's so troublesome but I really enjoyed working with him right from when we started chatting to when I actually met him in person. Prior to the shoot, he already sent me a mood board and told me about some lovely backdrops he wanted to use which actually guided my choice of outfits. We worked with two outfits and I really can't wait to share the other with you guys.
For this look, I decided to do vintage because its been a really long time, has been on my mind and I just knew I wanted something colorful and Voila! I came up with this outfit.
I used one of my earrings as a brooch and my new statement earrings which was love at first sight and kinda goes with this whole vintage theme had to make an appearance.
VINTAGE FASHION: Vintage clothing is a generic name for garments originating from the previous era. Also known as Retro, short for retrospective. Most vintage clothing has been previously worn, but a small percentage of pieces have not. Personally, I have few vintage pieces and I love them because I wont find anyone wearing the same thing. They are very affordable and depending on the way you style them, you can look stylish as hell. Got a few vintage pieces from my last trip and most of them have never been worn. My friend Nana took me to some nice vintage stores in Atlanta. I never go to the market here in Nigeria looking for vintage pieces but there are some online vintage stores in Nigeria and the number one Vintage store I can vouch for belongs to my friend Wumi. You can check it out  THRIFTSTORENG.
I have styled some vintage pieces on the blog before and you can check HEREHEREHEREHERE and HERE.
I got my shirt from one of the vendors at my friends store launch where she had so many thrift vendors and the two things that attracted me to the shirt were the color and style. I also wanted to support the vendor since it was so affordable. I'm not sure I can remember the exact price but the range was between N2500 -N3000. You can find their Ig page V.I.T_SHOP.

For my hair, I wore this gorgeous kinky coarse ponytail extension from an amazing lady on Instagram. She gave me this hair as a birthday gift and also gave one of my lovely followers in a giveaway I hosted. I really love how natural it looks, feels and how it blended so well with my natural hair damn!! I think every naturalista should get one. It's just N9500. Please check out her page NATURALGIRLWIGS. My junior sister Ayomide styled my hair for me :)
My makeup for this shoot was so amazing!! I almost slept with it that day. Thumbs up to the MUA  Fisolami. Worked with her for the very first time and I love her work. You can find her page OGEBYLAMI.
Finally guys! Thumbs up to the photographer Seun wow!! I screamed when I saw these pictures fam. I have amazing pictures but these ones look different, from the backdrop, to the angles from which the pictures were taken, to the editing I must say well done Seun but please don't let your head swell. Seun is a freelance retoucher of life and a great photographer. I really love his work and I'm not just saying this to hype him. Check out his Ig page SEANSHOTIT to see what I'm talking about. Thumbs up to me too. I'm a great photo and fashion model. I can bring life to your outfits and pictures. Please contact me if you need a model for your brand. I'm affordable.

Thank you for visiting and see you all in my next post. Cheers!!!

Earrings: FOREVER21
Pants: Lagos Market

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  1. These pictures!!!!! What!!!! Whoever Seun is, he is so talented. Love love love how you worked the outfit around the backdrop. Your take on vintage is so beautiful and love how you used red shoes and bag rather than black, nude or green like most would.

  2. This is so pretty... and you look so good

  3. It's a great honour for me to receive a debt of gratitude for the article you posted here. I learned something valuable from wholesale spain clothing. Thanks for sharing that. Keep posting.


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