Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Hello beautiful people! I trust y'all are doing fine. It's been three weeks since I last published a post and I'm really sorry about that. We all know how life can be sometimes although if you are following me on Instagram @prettyfaze you must have seen all my daily activities as I'm more active there.

how to style exaggerated sleeves
It's another quarter of the year and I'm really grateful to God for my family, friends and all the great opportunities God has brought my way.
I'm back with one of my favorite blog series and it's called work style. This series just shows y'all how to be stylish and still decent for work.
How to style the unconventional white top
So, we'll be talking about styling exaggerated sleeves for work. Exaggerated sleeves are feminine, flattering and could be a show stopper. They also bring your outfit to life. Exaggerated sleeves are actually statement pieces on their own and and do not require other statement pieces when styling them only if you want to be super extra lol!.
Y'all wont believe I actually got my gorgeous top for 2000 Naira. I also couldn't believe it when my friend who is a designer put it up on her Insta story for sale in December. It was actually too good to be true. To cut the long story short, I bought it lol. It was love at first sight!!.
Decided to pair this top with my well tailored mustard pants from Zara which had been in my wardrobe for almost a year and I never wore. Accessorized with my beautiful earrings, a mini bag and my snake skin court shoes which I've had for about four years now and worn twice lol!.
If this wasn't a corporate affair, another option would have been to style my top with blue high waisted skinny jeans and nice sandals.
Lets talk about photography. I was really excited to shoot this look but on the day of the shoot, the sun wasn't smiling omg! and it made me tired. This heatwave in Nigeria is something else. I'm just glad my photographer for the day Samuel & I made it work and he was also really patient with me. Love the beautiful pictures.
I hope y'all love this look as much as I do and would love to know if you can style exaggerated sleeves for work. If you also have links to the ones you styled, please drop them i'll check them out. Thanks for visiting and see y'all in my next post. Cheers!!.
Pants: ZARA
Shoes: JUMIA

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  1. Lovely, well done Boo. Please is the top still selling? ����❤️

    1. Thanks love. Lol! I'll keep you updated once its back on sale.


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