Thursday, June 13, 2019

So much to be thankful for! A whole lot happened this past year but I'm grateful for the opportunity to be alive.
Happy Birthday to me!!!

birthday post
I'm sure some of y'all will be wondering where I've been. I had to come out of my blogging hiatus to share a birthday post with you as y'all know I have this tradition of publishing a blog post on my birthday. You can check HERE and HERE for past birthday posts. The truth is that a whole lot has been going on, had to just take a break from blogging and focus on some really important things one of which includes a personal community development service I did as a Youth Corper in my community which i'll share more details later.
Birthday Outfit
Certain birthdays give the opportunity to pause, reflect, set goals and celebrate change. This birthday is definitely one of those. As this birthday approached, I've been contemplating the future and its been getting me worried. Worrying wont change anything and I understand that but I'm human. I just have to continue thanking God for how far he has brought me to completely trust him for where he's taking me and just know i'll be fine.
An age is just a number and I really think society sets expectations to feel like we need to have something by a certain age or we should be something at this or that age. I personally feel its not fair or true. Whatever is meant to be will be and theres really no time limit on the things you want achieve.
My Birthday Outfit
This Picture is perfect for a Forbes Feature :) someday by God's grace.
Last year, I was pretty excited but I'm not really sure I can say the same for this. Having mixed feelings but I really cant wait to see what God has in store for me.
I thought to share 10 things I learnt in the past year but I'll be sharing 5 because five out of the ten things haven't changed from my blog post in 2017 you can find that post HERE.
Women's Suit Ideas
  1. You are going to get criticized no matter what you do, so do your thing.
  2. You are responsible for your own happiness
  3. Stop comparing yourself to others
  4. Your accomplishments are real even though you feel like you have so much left to do.
  5. Dont let anyone pressure you into making a decision too quickly.
For my birthday shoot, I decided to do a studio shoot because I felt it'll be perfect for this yellow suit from Zara which was a birthday gift from one of my wonderful friends last year. Got it while looking for a pink suit. Wearing this suit gives this grown woman vibe I really love. My shoes, hair and watch were gifts from my amazing friend Thelma and I honestly really appreciate her for everything she's done for me. She's such a sweetheart.
Zara Yellow Suit for women
For photography, I also really wanted to try something different and I'm really impressed with the pictures. They came out so well and the blue backdrop made the pictures pop. The pictures are magazine worthy!!! I'm sure the head of my photographer friend that took these pictures must be really swelling lol! He's one of the photographers I actually really love his work and you can check him out SEANSHOTIT.
My makeup artist also killed the face-beat. You can find her NOMEYJ.
Thanks for visiting and please say a prayer for me. See y'all in my next post. Cheers!!

Suit: Zara
Wig ( Brazilian bodywave frontal wig): Allurebeautypalace
Shoes: Zara
White Top: Forever21
Watch: MichaelKors
Ring: El_jewelries
Bracelet: Thepeachbox
Gold Necklace: Gift from my Mom.

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  1. You look amazing, Bukky. And happy birthday darling, God's blessings always.


  2. Love the pictures. Happy birthday beautiful

  3. This suit is SO beautiful! So in love with the yellow color!

    1. thanks darling. Same here. It was love at first sight.

  4. You look stunning and this post inspired me a lot. Please how did you come about fundraising for your project.


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