Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Hello darlings welcome to my blog. It's fashion season in Lagos Nigeria and I'm sure some of you know Lagos hosts the Heineken Lagos fashion week and GTB fashion weekend in October and November. As a fashion enthusiast, it's important to attend one of the days, to connect with other fashion enthusiasts, see creative street style looks and watch runway shows.

Lagos Fashion Week 2019
It was my third time attending Lagos Fashion Week and you can please check out other Fashion WeekLagos Fashion Week posts. I also attended with my babe and Fashion Week bestie WumiTuase.
Lagos Fashion Week 2019
The location this year was The Federal Palace Hotel Victoria Island which was also better than last year especially for street style looks.
For this year, I applied for press pass which I got like last year but wasn't able to attend all days because I was attending a conference with my mum for some days and was only free on the 27th.
For me, it's a tradition to always wear african print one of the days during fashion week and since I knew i'd be available for one day, I had to come through dripping in african print. Thanks to Debolaaladire for sending me this beautiful and original Adire fabric which was made into a dress.
Lagos Fashion Week 2019
Lagos Fashion Week 2019
Lagos Fashion Week 2019
Photography Ordinaryandart
As fashion week was also approaching, I knew I wanted colorful hair but wasn't sure of the color. A friend linked me up with this brand, I was sent this red hair omg! and it was love at first sight. This is actually my first time trying something this vibrant. I definitely got attention.
Lagos Fashion Week 2019
                                                          Photography AderopoAfolabi
Fashion week was okay and can't really say much as I attended just one day but was following up with street style, saw some creative looks and beautiful pieces on the run way. The main issue people complained about was the runway shows not starting on time as usual which I also experienced myself but I had such an amazing time taking street style pictures, connecting with friends and also watching run way shows. Attending on Saturday was also the best way to end the week for me.
Things can be better better though but well done to the Organizers, they did an amazing job.
Lagos Fashion Week 2019
Ugo Monye
Lagos Fashion Week 2019
My favorite designers for the night were Mai Atafo omg! he's been giving us back to back every year and he had such a great opening with amazing live music wow! His pieces were also beautiful.
Heineken Lagos Fashion Week
Another favorite was Style Temple. Loved her attention to details and the color palette.
Lagos Fashion Week 2019
Emmy Kasbit
Other favs for the night were Emmy Kasbit, Ejiro Amos Tarifi, Fruche Official and Ugo Monye who also put up a beautiful show.
Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2019
Ejiro Amos Tafiri
Shout out to Seun and Ropo for these beautiful pictures.
Now looking forward to GTB Fashion Weekend. Thanks for visiting and see y'all later. Cheers!!

Adire Fabric: DebolaAladire
Red Wig: Hairby_Sherry
Runway Photography: Aderopo Afolabi

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