Thursday, November 14, 2019

Hello darlings! how are you all doing? Welcome back to my blog.
Today's blog post is about my skin and not the usual fashion post. I'm a skin care enthusiast and most brands I work with are skin and fashion brands. So many people always ask questions about my skin & skin care routine which was is also one of the reasons I share blog posts on skin care and you can check out my updated skin care routine.

I've always had great and popping skin and never even had acne as a teenager until recently when I started breaking out during my period or when I'm stressed and this ends up leaving dark spots on my face. Also noticed my skin was dull and texture was rough. Honestly had no idea what was wrong, I was really worried and started doing my research because I needed to find a solution to this as soon as possible. As a medical doctor, I knew the best option for me was to see a dermatologist and actually remembered I met a Beauty Doctor at an event where we walked to create awareness on Cervical cancer and decided to go for a consultation at least start from somewhere. The reason I wanted a private clinic was because of the waiting time and even the long procedures to book a consultation abeg!
Before going for the consultation, I decided to share my struggle on my insta stories @prettyfaze and I did so because most people think my skin is perfect, and most people on Instagram never really share their struggles but I feel that as humans, things happen and our skin can not always be perfect. The response I got from sharing and asking for recommendations was really amazing and it made me know that I'm not alone. You can check out the videos on my Ig I created a highlight for this.

Finally booked a consultation at BEL FIORE with Dr Uju and went on the 6th of November bare faced. I got there right on time for my consultation with the Dr and she started off by asking me certain questions like my skin care routine (am/pm), and finally diagnosed me with Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation. She explained the causes and made me understand that one of the products I use in my morning skin care routine (Vitamin C Serum) makes the skin sensitive to sunlight which can lead to sunburn. The shock on my face because I'm really consistent when it comes to using my products. The Doctor also taught me how to apply sunscreen properly and I never knew it should be reapplied every four hours wow!
Dr Uju
To cut the long story short, she recommended I do a TCA peel which is a medium strength chemical peel that would help remove dead skin cells and stimulate new skin cell growth. I also had a brightening peel done that day. It was a consultation and my first time there but I learnt a lot and even started educating other people. The Doctor was also very professional, I was really comfortable, loved the aesthetics of the clinic and the nurses were really nice.
brightening peel
After my brightening peel, I was given a product called Unitone to be used at night and my sunscreen which the Dr didn't change because she said it's a very good sun screen to be used during the day. The job of unitone is to prepare my skin for the TCA peel which will be done in 2 weeks. I'm already looking forward to my procedure because I really need my skin to do great.
I'd do another post on the procedure and the care after my procedure just to carry you all along.
Bel Fiore Medical Aesthetics is a Dr run Aesthetic clinic in Lagos, Nigeria. Bel Fiore offers prescriptive and cosmeceutical skin care, anti aging treatments and non surgical procedures ranging from acne and pigmentation treatments, skin micro needling and peels to injectables, Botox, fillers, vitamins and a lot more.
Most people asked me how much consultation is and its N20,000 but the good thing is I have a discount code for you guys BEYB127 which gives you 20% off consultation and 5% off treatment. I'll really advise if you have any skin care concerns please go for consultation with a a Doctor that has a specialty in Aesthetic Medicine or Dermatology and not all those people who mix different things together. It'll only get worse. Also, they have bridal packages for prospective brides.

I've come to the end of this post so please let me know if you have any questions on skin care please let me know so I can ask my Beauty Doctor for you in two weeks. Bel Fiore also has a website where you can book consultations directly and also an Instagram page where you can ask questions/ book consultations, procedures and treatments. Location is 10B Emma Abimbola Cole, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.
Thanks for visiting and remember to always use your sun screen!.

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    What can I do to this problem?
    PS: my skin is sensitive

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