Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas my Darlings! I honestly cant believe it's Christmas today wow! The year went by so fast. I wasn't so free last christmas and couldn't do a christmas look but I made sure to do one this year. Though it was a last minute decision, I'm glad I made it happen.
I'm also really happy because Christmas is the season of love and we get to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Christmas Outfit
We all know the colors of christmas are red, green and gold. I decided to go with the most vibrant of all three and I found just the perfect outfit in red.
Red Christmas outfit
Monotone fashion is all about wearing the same (or similar) color from top to bottom (shoes inclusive).  It could be different textures, patterns or shades of color. Monotone outfits are great to wear on special occasions like Christmas. Although, monotone dressing could be risky to pull off but looks great if properly put together.
Christmas outfit
Styling this two piece with a black print bodysuit made me love it so much and I think it was a great decision since I already had a lot of red going on. My sleek ponytail and statement earrings also complemented this look perfectly.
merry christmas
You guys wouldn't believe I got this suit set from my friends thrift store. I just buzzed her and was like "Wumi find me a red outfit in your store" and voila! she found me this. I was really worried about size but guess who didn't have to adjust this outfit? You guessed right!
Monotone for christmas
I styled my hair, outfit and did my makeup myself. I really love how I can do all of these while planning blog shoots. Saves me money and I don't need to depend on / wait for anyone.
Christmas outfit ideas
Red Suit outfit
Special shout out to my photographer Ropo who takes really amazing pictures of me. Please check him out and book him for your shoots. He is patient and will do a really amazing job.
This is officially my last post of the year 2019 and I'm really grateful for everyone of you that reads my blog. God bless y'all.
Let me know what you think about this look and also drop your blog links if you posted any christmas look, I'd definitely check them out. Enjoy the holidays. Cheers!!!
Photography AderopoAfolabi. Pictures are amazing as usual.

Suit Set: Thriftstoreng
Shoes: Bershka
Ponytail: Naturalgirlwigs
Earrings: Forever21

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