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Hello my darlings! I trust y'all are doing fine and welcome back to my blog.
Todays post is all about my procedures, review and after care at Bel Fiore. If you've been following my skin care journey on my blog and Instagram, you'll remember I did a consultation post where I shared my challenges, my visit to a dermatologist, diagnosis  and treatment option. You can check out the post to understand properly Skin consultation at Bel Fiore

Bel Fiore Lagos
My skin 14 days after the first procedure.
 The first procedure I had was a brightening (superficial) peel which was done on the 6th of November, the day of my consultation after which I was given a product to use prep my skin for the TCA peel which was recommended by the Dr and also more stronger than the brightening peel. During that period, my skin was good, was responding well and never had any issues. I was also consistent with my sunscreen and Unitone.
My next appointment was on the 23rd of November what was 17 days after my first procedure and I had another peel known as the Mandelic peel said to be slightly stronger than the first peel.
Post procedure glow after my second peel.
 It's an Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) based facial peel derived from bitter almonds and it's considered a 'superficial' peel', which means it's one of the gentler chemical peels available. This was going on well and I was already seeing improvements but like five days later, I noticed some rashes on my forehead and I contacted Dr Uju immediately. It wasn't serious but she made me understand it was a sun sensitivity rash and I was on Unitone which is a sun sensitizing product, I had a slightly stronger peel than the first and I needed to be serious with reapplying my sunscreen every 4 hours regardless of if I was going out or not because the skin could be exposed to sun wherever there's windows. To cut the long story short, I was started on Hydrocortisone cream and within a few days, my skin was great.
Bel Fiore Lagos.
My skin one week after the second peel
This is one of the reasons I'll never advise you to do a chemical peel just anywhere or without consulting the dermatologist because if anything goes wrong, you can always follow up with your Dermatologist / Aesthetician.
My next appointment was four weeks after the second one and I had seen improvements on my skin. The texture improved, dullness disappeared, the few dark spots I had faded and my skin was glowing. At this point, I was so happy lol.
On the day of this last procedure 21st Dec 2019, I had a TCA (Trichloroacetic) peel which was the strongest of all the three peels I had. Guys! I was happy like really excited when Dr Uju told me my face was going to be peeling. It was going to be an experience which I was looking forward to. I decided to do it before going home for christmas cos I felt it'll be nice to peel when there were no activities outlined for me.
Day 1 of peeling 23rd Dec 2019.
Day 2 of peeling 24th Dec 2019
I started peeling on the 23rd of December damn! I just woke from sleep and saw my skin had started peeling. Trust me guys, I had to document the peeling process :). My peeling lasted for 3 days and this entire peeling process promotes the growth of a new healthy top skin layer and improve skin problems like hyper pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture, etc. Note that I was actively using my sun screen during the whole process and my union at night. My skin has been really great since after my last procedure.
My skin 30th Dec 2019 ( seven days after the TCA peel).

Skin 1st Jan 2020 on my way to our New year party.
I had the last appointment which was to review my skin and also talk about my after care which is really important to maintain my new glowing skin on the 9th of Jan 2020. I also ordered some new products from the Ordinary before even going for consultation so I took them with to get the Dermatologists opinion / advise. My Dr helped me with a new skin care routine (am / pm), explained the ingredients in my products and why I need to use certain products and my sunscreen is still key. After everything, I had a Q and A with her based on the questions I got during the whole process and it was really great because I learnt in the process and it was just a nice experience.
My skin 9th Jan 2020 when I went for a review.
Shout out to everyone at Bel Fiore from Dr Uju to Nurse Ruth, Nurse Chineye and Amaka. They are amazing, really nice, with great customer service and I really enjoyed all my procedures to the point that I always wanted to sleep off in the treatment room. The most important thing to me are the results I got. I'm happy and cheers to better glowing skin in 2020. I'd also highly recommend Bel Fiore.
Thank y'all for visiting and I'd be glad if you drop a comment.

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