Friday, July 10, 2020

Hello darlings! How are you all doing? Happy New Month. I'm so grateful to God for seeing us through the first half of the year and I strongly believe he will see us through the end of the year.
Monochrome Jumpsuit
On the blog today, I'm sharing pictures of this gorgeous and well detailed monochrome jumpsuit. When planning for the shoot, date night kept coming to mind and I felt it was so perfect to build up my blog post around this..
Monochrome Jumpsuit Women
So, this is a date night inspiration post Covid. I'm sure so many of you must have seen videos of outfits styled by fashion Influencers on outfits they are going to wear post corona even though we can't say exactly when it'll be over but I guess it's okay to plan ahead lol!
One thing I've realized when it comes to date nights is that most of us ladies like to wear dresses but the truth is jumpsuits / play-suits can also be stylish as hell and perfect for such nights. This jumpsuit can even be transformed from day to night. It can be worn to work depending on your industry and straight for your date night with red popping lipstick. I have done a date night inspiration post on my blog before please check out Date Night With Frank.
Dinner Date Jumpsuit For Women
The things that attracted me to this jumpsuit were the details on the sleeve (cold shoulder with ruffles), the cut out turtle neck, fit and finally color. This jumpsuit is so chic and I really love styling black and white outfits with red accessories and lipstick.
How to Style Jumpsuit for a Date Night
Red lipstick is hot, It gives me a kinda vibe and makes me feel confident. In conclusion, this jumpsuit is a statement piece and gives me Dramatic vibes. Count me in when it comes to dramatic outfits. Because this look already has dramatic details, I felt it was best to wear long straight hair which made this look so perfect if I do say so myself. My jumpsuit was also gifted to me by a Nigerian brand known as Swishstyleng a Contemporary clothing store in Lagos.
What to Wear for a Date Night
The location was ideal for this look as well and I really love the pictures. Thanks to my friend Seanshotit. He takes really amazing pictures like my Birthday  & Vintage Fashion Editorial.
You should check him out. Thank you for visiting and please let me know what you think about this look. Cheers!!

Jumpsuit: Swishstyleng
Purse: Asos

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  1. Red lipstick is always so stunning on you and yes jumpsuit is a good one for date night as we all tend to opt for something else

  2. I looove dramatic sleeves too, I love for them😍🥺😍🧡❗️

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