Wednesday, October 28, 2020

 Hey guys! how are we all doing?? It's been a crazy couple of weeks in my country Nigeria. We the youths spoke against Police brutality, started out peaceful protests and before we knew it, things went south. Innocent Nigerians were killed. I'm so hurt and don't even know how to really explain how I feel but I believe God is in control. Everything seems to be calm now but lives have been lost and those dead can't be brought back to life. RIP to our fallen heroes. (20-10-2020) a day we'll never forget. You can read all about it if you had no idea what was going on in Nigeria HERE

Ankara Women's suit

On the blog today, I'm sharing this look from the last blog shoot I did before the whole crisis in Nigeria. Ankara prints are a fav and if you are not new here, you'd know how much I love and wear them. You can check out some of my posts wearing Ankara Ankara Skater Dress, Ankara Jumpsuit, etc..

Fashionable Ankara Suit Styles
African print suits for ladies

This is an Ankara trouser suit set. I love how vibrant the print is. My outfit was made by a Nigerian brand called ZEEYYWOMAN. I just had to send in my measurements and the outfit was tailored to perfection. One thing I always say and really love about Ankara is their versatility. They can be made into anything. In this case, I can style the blazer and pants separately to create new different looks. I decided to style this suit set with a plain white tee, black shoes, a black hat and all I can say is that I'm such a babe. 

Ankara Suit Styles

Ankara pantsuits are also really stylish, can be worn to formal gatherings, cocktails, etc. Since they are already statement pieces on their own, you wanna keep it really simple with the accessories just like I did.

Ankara Suit for women
 Special S/o to the troublesome photographer SHUTTERWAVE. It's my first time working with him and I love my pictures. Thanks for visiting. Please stay safe and catch y'all later. Cheers!!

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  1. Ankara is a basic piece to build a functional wardrobe,as it can be styled and transition in to any thing you can. This one looks good on you too

  2. Love the whole look, you look so nice! ��

  3. I love everything about your look ��

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