Wednesday, November 18, 2020

 Hey darlings! Welcome back to my blog and I hope y'all are doing fine. Long time no blog post. It's been a busy month for me and I apologize for being MIA.

Wearing shades of blue

On the blog today, I'd be giving you guys tips on how to pull of wearing different shades of Blue just like me. It's story time on how this look came to life. So, I was putting together looks for my blog shoot a while ago, since I usually shoot about 3-4 looks during a shoot and then remembered I had these blue culotte pants I styled once in 2016. 

How to wear different shades of blue together

How to style an all blue outfit

The idea to style it with different shades of blue then came to mind. This was pretty easy to put together because I actually had everything at my disposal and really surprising for someone who doesn't like the color blue, I found a lot of blue outfits and accessories in my closet. It was also a great opportunity to wear my grad shoes again. If you are wondering what culottes are, they are large loose cropped trousers and Ive styled a couple on the blog Culottes, Culottes Trend.

Blue Monochrome outfit


  • ACCESSORIZE: This is actually self explanatory. In my opinion, my accessories actually did the damn thing with this look. My bag, shoes and rings were the major accessories and they spiced up the whole look. You can also make sure your accessories pop.
  • SIMPLICITY: Keep it simple! This can be achieved by pairing a lighter shade of blue with a darker one or a pattern piece with a plain one just like in my case ( Floral shirt and plain culottes).  Don’t create optical illusions with sophisticated prints.
  •  PLAY AROUND WITH DIFFERENT FABRICS: This basically has to do with textures. Make sure each of the pieces has differnt textures, which will create more of a distinction between the different shades.
  • CONFIDENCE: Now that the whole outfit is set, even if something is off, your confidence is really important. I mean the way you carry yourself is key to any outfit.
How to style an all blue outfit

This is how you wear shades of blue and still look chic. I'm really happy about the pictures, and location. The pink chair also made the outfit pop. Pictures were taken by my friend ZIMMANI. He takes really amazing pictures so you should check him out. The last outfit is my favorite!!! Thanks for visiting...


Top: ThriftStoreng

Culottes: Chicwish

Hair: Hairbyblingz

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Gifted

Rings: Shop&go, H&M

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  1. Amazing ❤️

    Beautiful picture 🥵

  2. Lovely write up

    PS: You have a beautiful smile:)

  3. Very good post. Highly informative for women. Keep up the good work.

  4. You pulled it off perfectly! I look forward to trying it out. Cheers!

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