Thursday, April 15, 2021

 Hello darlings, I hope y'all are doing fine. Welcome back to my blog and thank you all for the love on my last blog post. You can catch up with it Life Update.

how to wear a grey lounge-wear

On the blog, today is a quick outfit of the day styling my Grey Loungewear from Femme Luxe . The quality of this lounge-wear is top notch and I love how comfortable lounge wears are. The first impression I have of this brand is actually really good. The outfits I was gifted by them are of great quality and really true to size. Fun fact, this is actually my first time owning a lounge wear set and I like it.

How to style a grey Lounge-wear
Lounge-wear fashion

The way to elevate a  lounge wear look is with accessories. In my case, I paired with my black Zara blocked heel boots and a chunky necklace. This was easy to style. I also really love two-piece outfits because they could be styled with other pieces. For a next time, I'd probably style the top with denim or biker shorts and a pair of sneakers and then style the bottom with a nice crop top or t-shirt, with sneakers as well. You could also throw on a denim jacket with sneakers and a face cap. In conclusion, you can look stylish even in a loungewear.

How to style a lounge wearI hope y'all love this look as much as I do. It was something different, perfect for a chilly sunny day, while also giving me street-style vibes. I took my pictures at Mohegan Sun and every part of the interior is picturesque. I loved being there.
How to style a lounge wear
Thanks for visiting, make sure you check out FemmeLuxe for other stylish outfits and see y'all later.

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  1. I'ld never have thought of wearing this out. You made it look really stylish. Plus you are getting more beautiful by the day. Cheers!


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