Saturday, June 12, 2021

 A lot has happened in a year and I am super grateful to God. Gratitude is a must!

Hello beautiful people, how are you doing. This happens to be my first blog-post this month so its safe to say Happy New month. It is also my birthday today yay!

Tulle Dress

I'm usually excited for birthdays but for some reason this year, I wasn't. I am not really sure why... maybe because it dawned on me that I wasn't going to be with family or have my friends around, or the feeling of getting older, I just couldn't understand why. I wasn't in the mood but as a planner that I am, I had to plan ahead for photography and outfit because in this America, photography isn't something you plan to do in a week. I also kept in mind that I always put up a blog post every year so why must this year be different?? You can catch up with my old birthday posts Obligatory birthday post and A birthday blogpost.

Shop Akira Tulle Dress

Happy Birthday to me.

Let me give you guys small gist. The dress I was supposed to wear was ruined lol. I wasn't happy with it at all but I didn't want it to stress me so, I looked for a back up plan which is this gorgeous tulle dress. If you have been an avid blog-reader, you'd know that I was suited up in my last two birthday blog posts and I thought to do something different this year. I wanted something dreamy, and giving princess vibes as a princess that I am. On the shoot day as well, the weather was so bad, cold, dull and it rained but guess what again?? I wasn't going to let it stress me, I had no control over it and I believed everything was working for my good. I am also not a fan of the color blue but I didn't have any option, had to make this work and I'm sure I did justice to it.

Birthday blog post

Birthday Princess

This time last year, I was in Nigeria and we had just gotten out of Lock down lol. This year, I'm in grad school which I've always wanted, although on break now, everything is going on so well and everything always works out for me. I have every reason to be thankful. God always comes through for me and he keeps showing me how much he loves me. My life is a life of grace and I love that for me. As my birthday approaches, I usually ask God for birthday gift(s) but this year, I have no request because he's given me everything I wanted and I'm exactly where I ought to be. So, I'd just let him surprise me according to his will. I'm also blessed to have super amazing people around me ( family & friends). The gifts have been coming in even before June. I love the energy!

Tulle Dress

Happy birthday to me

This new year is going to be great for me. I know God's got me always and can not wait to see what he has in store for me.

Birthday girl in tulle

Okay okay let's talk about this beauty though! I'm evidence that God dey truly create! Look at my face, my eyes, smile, skin and these beautiful pictures wow!

I really really love my pictures and they were taken by a female photographer here in CT. You all can agree with me that she did an amazing job. Special s/o to Gbemi who drove me to my shoot location, was there with me, making sure my hair and outfit was in place.

Please say a word of prayer for me, share my blog-post and drop a comment it'll mean a lot. It's my birthdayyyyyyy. Cheers! 


Dress: ShopAkira

Photography: LucyEatonPhotography

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  1. Happy Birthday Bukky. Best wishes. You look amazing. Lovely photos

  2. Happy birthday and cheers to more fruitful years ahead. Stay blessed.

  3. happy birthday bukky!! came here from twitter lol. you look beautiful and the dress is amazing. I hope this year surpasses your expectations ��

    1. Thanks so much darling! It means a lot. Amen.

  4. Happy birthday bukky, may your day and the rest of your life be beautiful just as you are.

  5. The color suits you perfectly tho. Happy birthday!🎂🎉

  6. Happy birthday Dear God bless you. I see you going places.

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