Friday, July 23, 2021

 Hey beautiful people how are y'all doing??? Long time no post. You people should please just manage me oh. I might not be as consistent as I want on here, but will keep trying my best. I was so excited to share this post, one of the reasons being that these pictures were taken by the first female photographer I ever worked with in my life so it's a big deal to me. I currently work with another female photographer and trust me guys, all I can say is I am blessed. Women take amazing pictures and they do the damn job very well.

How to wear a printed dress
On the blog today, I'm sharing pictures of me in this beautiful dress which was gifted to me by one of my friends from a Nigerian brand and I said to myself, I must share this look on my blog o for my readers because you guys rarely see me in dresses. This post has also been sitting in my draft for the longest time. Such a hoarder! These pictures were taken in spring, the flowers were in full bloom and so beautiful.
How to style a print dress for date night

I love anything prints and I'm always looking for ways to add them to my wardrobe. I really do not like the color blue like I mentioned in my birthday blog post but this dress was definitely an exception. I love the style of the dress and anything with slit is a yes from me. It gives an opportunity to show my hot legs hehe.. 

Printed dress for spring
How to wear a Printed dress for date night

This dress is perfect for a date night, brunch, or a print themed event. It also comes in midi and maxi lengths.

Now let's talk about pictures. You'd definitely agree with me that these pictures are so clean. I usually love my pictures and that's why I post them but the love I have for these ones can not be explained. Maybe it's because a female photographer shot them, how clean they are, how beautiful I look or maybe because I'm actually wearing a dress. Everything is just perfect. These are also some of my favorite set of pictures shot this year.

How to wear a printed dress

Small gist.. I reached out to the photographer named Lucy on Instagram and found out she's Russian which got me really excited because Russia was one of the neighboring countries to Ukraine where I had my undergrad and on the shoot day, she came with her friend who is also a photographer and happens to be Ukrainian and from Ternopil, where I did my undergrad. I was so happy and it really brought back some memories of Ukraine. Lucy also shot pictures from my Birthday blogpost

How to wear a printed dress

I also just realized I was wearing blue lol. I really love her work and hope to work with her again. I hope you guys love this look as much as I do. 

Thanks for visiting and see y'all later. Cheers!





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