Wednesday, August 18, 2021

 Hello my darlings! How are you all doing? I can't believe we are in the last days of summer ah! When did I finish the first semester? when did I go on holiday? School resumes later this month and I am so excited. Let us get this degree!! I trust God to see me through as usual. Please catch up with my last blog post just in case you missed it How to wear a printed dress.

Stylish Monochromatic outfit for work

Monochrome outfit for work

Long time no work style post on the blog. I actually feel bad. Work style was my thing on the blog and I even created a series for it. I love being a corporate chic. Putting together work looks is really my thing and makes me feel like a boss lady who is ready to take over the corporate world with her looks. Although working as a doctor in Nigeria didn't really enable me to dress like I would have loved to. I was only able to do that during my National Youth Service Program because my clinic environment enabled me, everyone was always on point and I could not carry last. I even used to wear heels to work unlike the other places I worked. You can check out some work style looks I have created in the past How to style the classic white shirt, How to style a blazer for work.

Styling Monochrome for work
  Let us talk about this look. I love to wear monochromatic looks. I mean, you can never go wrong with a black and white outfit. They are usually office-appropriate and remain a classic combination. I really dig this look because I'm wearing my favorite pants ever! They are baggy but perfect for work. Styling it with this vintage white shirt was just the right thing to do. Fun fact! I didn't style this look for a blog post. I actually put them together for a video I made to show outfits I'd wear to certain places and managed to take pictures of this look myself in my apartment. I loved how the look turned out and decided to share on my blog. You can watch Video. Since I already did white and black, I decided to accessorize with this bag to spice things up, my transparent glasses, short hair because of the style of my top and finally black shoes to complete the look. Another color of shoe I could have worn for that pop of color would have been red. My shoes are from Mango and they aren't the most comfortable shoes. My mum bought me my bag and I honestly can't remember where I got my top from.

How to wear monochrome outfit to work
Stylish Monochrome for work


  • Make use of textures: This adds fun to your outfit.
  • Accessorize with a pop of color like red.
  • You can also mix prints and patterns. This would make your outfit more interesting and has to be done properly to avoid a clash of prints / patterns. You can style stripes with polka dots, etc.
  • Keep your other accessories simple
  • Finally, wear outfits that are comfortable to work.

Work outfit of the Day
 I know it is all about the student life now but will try to create more work style looks for my boss babes. Thank you all for visiting and I hope you love this look as much as I do. Cheers!!


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  1. I like everything about the look.

  2. Awesome pic, You can get more leather jacket ideas.

  3. Your hair complimented the outfit excellently it!

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