Monday, September 20, 2021

Hello beautiful people! How are you guys doing?? Eh! School has not been easy oo. If you read my last blog post African inspired adire silk two-piece set, you'd see I talked about starting the new semester and it's been really busy. I am not complaining though. I have loads of assignments, zoom meetings, personal content, and gotta stay sane through it all lol. I know I've got this because God's got me. 

Nature Fashion Editorial

Editorial nature photographyWelcome back to my blog darlings and it is a Fashion editorial on the blog today yas!! The first Fashion Editorial content I shared on my blog was in 2018 and it was titled A vintage fashion editorial.
Nature Fashion shoot
Girl in nature pictures
It was a date with nature on the 11th of July. I was invited to an event and decided to use that opportunity to shoot other looks. I invited my lovely photographer and friend as my +1. We had an amazing time at the event, shot three looks at the location, and were left with this last look. My photographer said we needed to find a befitting location for this dress and I agreed with her. So, we were driving back from the event, hoping that we'd find a great location and we drove past this field. I didn't even see it initially but she did and when we got there, I just knew the pictures were going to be dope. I usually trust whatever she says about locations, poses, etc! I was so happy like Omg! summer isn't going to end without taking a picture in nature. I had always wanted to take a picture in the field or midst of flowers, wearing a dress someday and I didn't know it was going to be this summer yay!
Editorial nature photography

Now let us talk about this dress. I walked into a Zara store where I got this dress and it was love at first sight. It also gave me African print vibe. I had two options to choose from but this was the best option because it went better with my purse which I was going to use, the style was different and I just wanted to get a long dress perfect for summer! I was just lucky because it was the only one left in store and was my size. This dress was from their SS21 collection and also came with a mini bag in the same print. It is currently sold out on Zara websites but you can get it on Poshmark Zara printed dress.

Nature Fashion Editorial

 I am so obsessed with my purse. I wouldn't have preferred something else. If you read my last blog post African inspired adire two piece set, I talked about this brand so, you should totally check it out.  

Nature fashion editorial

Shooting at this location was so perfect! the weather was on point, my dress, hair, accessories, and everything went well. I really really love my pictures from this shoot and I am so thankful for Renny, I am able to try out new things and go to new places as well. It was a really productive, blessed day, and guess what? it started to rain after the last look lol! We got good shots.


Zara printed halter neck dress ss21

I am not sure I'd put up a blog post soon because my schedule is pretty tight and it might not be fashion related even if I do, but I'd try my best. If you do not get a blog post this month then you will get one on the 3rd of October because my blog turns 7!! Wow! I really have nothing planned, not even a shoot but I am definitely putting up an obligatory blog post.

Thank you all for visiting guys I hope you guys love this look. Please drop a comment and share if you come across this. It'll mean a lot.


Purse: Dmarxx Design

Dress: Zara

Watch: Citizen Watch

Ring: Raenna

Hair: Natural Girl Wigs

Photography: RennysVirtualPortfolio

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