Saturday, October 02, 2021

 I honestly did not know how to start this blog post because I'm still speechless. From the title of this blog post, you can tell what this post is about. My blog also known as my baby turns 7 years today. How?? I do not give myself enough credit but honestly speaking, I am so proud of myself, how consistent I have been and how I've been able to push through irrespective of the challenges that comes with being a content creator, a Medical doctor and now a student. I mean, I have come a long way and have had to transition from Ukraine where I originally started blogging, back to Nigeria and now America. You can call me an International blogger hehe.

7 years of blogging

If you are not new here, you know I always put up a blog post on the 3rd of October every year and last year, I planned an actual shoot in Nigeria but for some reason, I did not this year and even forgot until last minute because I have been super busy with school and barely have time for myself. Long story short, I remembered and said to myself ah Bukky you haven't taken blog birthday pictures o so, I talked to my photographer and took these pictures at an event she invited me to. It was even that day I picked up a balloon from party city and you can see from my outfit that much effort wasn't really put into this lol. Thank God I am fine girl sha and anything looks good on me. I also kinda like the pictures even though I was tired and sleepy but was really excited to pose lol. You can read my last blog birthday post 6 years bloggerversary

Seven years of blogging.

To God be the glory for even giving me the idea to start a blog in the first place and for helping me all through the years. Simply one of the best decisions I have ever had to make in my entire life. Oh boy! It has not been an easy journey but I really love to write, share my journey which inspires people and I believe my long term goals have kept me going. Relocating to America for school came with lots of uncertainties not gonna lie. I was really worried about pictures and getting to work with photographers cos I was like ah as a student, I wouldn't be able to spend so much money creating content regularly but as usual, I prayed to God to come through for me in every way. I honestly do not like being inconsistent and also did not want my blog to suffer. Guess what happened? God sent me Renny my current photographer. It started from a random dm on Instagram, we linked up and we have been working together since then. Timing was perfect and it really showed me God is interested in every little thing that has to do with me and he is so intentional about me. S/o to Renny I love her and God really bless her for me. Special shout out to my darling friend Stephanie. She has been so helpful from the first time I hit the publish button and I love her.

Seven lessons learned from blogging
Seven years of blogging
 We all know 7 stands for perfection and that was why I declared this year as a perfect year. I am excited and looking forward to all the amazing opportunities God is going to bring my way. I trust him.

I always share lessons I have learnt from blogging so let me share 7 lessons I have learnt in 7 years.


  • The journey is everything. I have learnt a lot on this journey and also grown in certain areas. It is also important to really trust your journey and be patient. I smile and also get motivated to write more when I look back at all my old blog posts and how far I have come, opportunities I have gotten and how blogging has also pushed me out of my comfort zone. 
  • Passion will keep you going even when you don't feel like getting the work done or you wanna quit. The reason I started in the first place which is to inspire people always keeps me going. I know so many people love reading my blog posts and I am glad people give great feedback even though some might not drop a comment on the blog. 
  • Your friends might not support you and that's okay! It doesn't mean they are bad people but I have seen that I mostly get support from strangers and it really means a lot to me.
  • Life will always happen. You guys know times I was mia and came back with an update right? No one's life is perfect. It is okay to take a break, focus on what's going on at that point in time and you can always come back to write. 
  • Be yourself. This applies online and offline. If there is anything I really like about me its that I am always myself. I am well behaved, I have a great personality to be honest and I am also transparent with you guys. People actually love me on social media just by being myself.
  • Consistency is Key! I talk about this a lot. I think this is also why many of my blog readers like me. I have been a consistent blogger and even though people no longer read blogs like before or most bloggers quit blogging, I have been consistent and still giving you guys quality content. I know it will pay off in the end eventually by the grace of God. I can't wait!
  • Start from somewhere! Just start!! This is for those contemplating if they should start or not. You should just do it. It doesn't have to be perfect from the beginning. I did not even have a camera and all the things I have now when I started but I did. There is room for growth. I still have things I wanna do for my blog like finally migrating to word press I think I have mentioned on here before and would definitely work on it.

Happy blog anniversary

We've come to the end of this blog post. I hope you love it and were able to learn a thing or two. Please share my blog post and drop a comment. It'll mean a lot and also put a smile on my face. See you in my next blog post. Cheers!!  Photo credit Rennysvirtualportfolio.

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  1. Congrats Bukky! Your consistency should be studied πŸ™Œ It would all pay off soon and we’d celebrate some more.
    Cheers babe πŸ₯°

  2. Highly Inspired by your Consistency. It's something I myself look forward to achieving. Brace yourself because amazing things definitely awaits you

  3. Congratulations Bukky. You have been a source of inspiration to me. Happy 7th and to more greatness unfolding

  4. Very nice... keep it up sista 😍😍😍

  5. Hello Becky,
    You are very inspirational. The more I learn about you, the more I'm amazed. I enjoy reading your post, I can tell your just as amazing in real life, as you are online. Thanks for being my friend.

  6. Congratulations once again girl❤️, i am highly inspired and i pray God continues to grant you wisdom and grant all your heart desires concerning this lovely blog, amenπŸ™πŸΎ

  7. Congratulations πŸ₯³πŸ₯³, I also have a blog and struggles at times with it but as you said with time it will work out. God bless you Bukky

    1. Thanks so much. All will be fine and all the best with your blog ❤️. You can message me if you have questions.


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