Monday, November 29, 2021

Collaboration over competition! Hello beautiful people! How are you guys doing? Welcome back to my blog. I'm so happy to have you here and super excited about today's blog-post. Story time yay!

how to style a blazer with denim

I like to plan ahead and everyone that knows me knows this about me. Before coming to America, I was doing some research, looking for influencers and photographers to connect with when I got here. So, I used hashtags and found Yinka. I was excited because I found out she is Nigerian, a Yoruba babe, and also my namesake (Yinka). I reached out to her. Thankfully, she responded and we were in contact. 

Ways to style a blazer with denim

We were supposed to link up in February but we could not and then we planned another link-up which finally happened in August. Let us just say everything happens for a reason. On the day of the hangout, I wasn't expecting too much and was not sure how it was gonna be, if our energy was gonna match cos I've actually experienced meeting someone from online in person and it was kinda awkward. I'm sure you guys know what I am trying to say. Long story short, It went well. We gisted and had a good time. Moving on, Yinka suggested we collaborate and I was game. It's been a long time since I collaborated with another influencer. The last one I did was with one of my friends Tuke in 2018 and you can check it out Fashionable Ankara Styles With Tuke.

how to style a blazer with denim

For our collaboration, we decided to do four looks and had a theme for each look. So, for this look, we decided to style denim with blazers. We know denims are timeless pieces, they'd never go out of style and are versatile. I paired my ripped denim with this green Double-breasted long blazer from Zara which was love at first sight by the way. If you are not new here, you already know Zara is one of my favorite stores. I used my orange bag for that pop of color since green and orange go so well together. For Yinka's look, she's wearing an oversized blazer with denim as well and a crop top. I really love how we were both able to infuse our personal styles into our looks from the choice of outfits to hair, and accessories. Finally, we both decided to wear open-toe sandals just to be in sync.

collaboratin over competition

Our shoot location was in Greenwich Connecticut which happens to be one of the richest cities in America. I had my darling friend Debby from Nigeria at that time and it was so much fun. Yinka picked us from home, we drove for about an hour to Greenwich, gisted and Debby helped with all our behind the scene content. The weather was acting funny lol but we still made it work.
Our photographer for the day was Renny who has been the one behind all the nice pictures I have been sharing with you guys and she understood the assignment as usual.

connecticut blogger collaboration

I had a nice time shooting, talking about influencer related stuff and just catching up in general with Yinka. I was really motivated to do more as an influencer and to stay focused on my long term goals. I really can not wait for what God has in store for me as an influencer, what the future holds and I am ready to do the work. Yinka just kept saying you are on the right path Bukky. I really needed to hear that as it gave me the ginger I need and I do not give myself credit for all the work I do so, it was nice hearing that from another influencer. It was nice connecting with another black influencer as there are just a few of us here in Connecticut. Cheers to more meaningful friendships. You can check out Yinka's instagram page Yourstrulyyinka. She's much more than a blogger babe.

black influencers in connecticut collaborate

How to wear a blazer with denim
 Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed today's post. Please say nice things to my namesake and I in the comment section. Thanks.


Blazer: Zara

Tank top & earrings: Forever21

Bag: Brandon Blackwood

Denim: Boohoo

Sandals: Asos

Photography: Rennysvirtualportfolio

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  1. This is so beautiful
    Collaboration over competition

  2. Multitalented and gorgeous 😍
    Love to see it!

  3. Love the pictures, the style was effortlessly beautiful.
    The energy it’s giving, is positive… cause you majorly can tell when people aren’t in sync, you just feel something is off.
    Love to see black girls winning and doing all they can to set bars. Well done you two. You both look amazing 😍❤️

  4. Great Story, Colorful pictures and an amazing friendship. I will keep rooting for you forever. Love your blog so much. I surely feel inspired. Cheers❤️��

  5. Blogger babes! Lovely outfit and the color sync is great. You are doing amazing, always remember that.

  6. Beautiful and Insightful.

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    Collaboration over competition.
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