Sunday, December 19, 2021

Hello beautiful people! how are we all doing? Welcome back to my blog. I really can't believe we are almost done with this year. To God be the glory. School was super busy guys! Series of exams, unending assignments and quizzes sigh! I finally finished the semester on the 15th which means one year done!!

How to style an oversized sweater for fall

I am so excited. If you guys see me everywhere or shouting lol please don't disturb or judge me o. My summer was super boring so, I need to have so much fun this holiday and I really deserve it.

Tips to styling an oversized sweater for fall

  I do not want to bore you guys with school gist so let's get into the reason for this blogpost. The outfit! On the blog today, I'm sharing this simple fall look with you guys. Remember I told you I shot really cool and enough fall content a while back so let me share them with y'all before it gets too late lol. Although fall doesn't end until Dec 21 so I am still on track.

Ways to style an oversized sweater

I'm wearing an oversized sweater, high-waist skinny jeans, Chelsea boots, ginger colored hair which happens to be one of the top fall hair colors this 2021 and a black beret to give this chic look/vibe. Ginger colored hair on dark skin is so beautiful and perfect for fall.


  • The first tip would be to keep it slim at the bottom either by wearing skinny jeans like I did or with other options like short skirts, classic-cut pants, midi skirts or dresses, etc.
  • You could tuck in a side or the front of the sweater into whatever bottom you decide to wear.
  • Layering is another way to style your oversized sweater. You could layer with a shirt, a coat and a belt to hold the waist of your sweater.
  • Accessories also make a huge difference. Accessories could be hats, belts, scarves, a beret just like I did, sunglasses, jewelry, etc. They spice things up and would not make your outfit boring.
  • Shoe options could be heels, sneakers, boots, etc which depends on how you plan to style your oversized sweater.

Ways to wear an oversized sweater for fall
 I really like that my hair stood out and wearing this beret unleashed my inner Parisian chic hehe.. You guys are already familiar with this style of bag. I love the design and color. You can check out DmarxxDesign for other beautiful designs. 

Styling an oversized sweater for fall 2021

Thank you for visiting and see y'all in my next blog post which would be the last one for the year 2021. It is going to be my year in review. Cheers!! 


Sweater: Kohl's

Sunglasses: Forever21

Boots: Zara

Denim & Beret: Really old purchases.

Photography: Rennysvirtualportfolio

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  1. You look pretty. I love the colour of the hair on you.

  2. Oh! Seems I’ve seen how to style mine, same colour of sweater…..Let me put it on schedule

    1. thank you for visiting Osas. I can't wait to see how you style yours.

  3. We won’t judge you, don’t worry! You deserve all the fun my A* babygirl. Besides, I’m living vicariously through all your fun, so… make it worth my while abeg!
    The style is effortlessly gorgeous and chic, the hair color definitely stands out and suites you! Looking forward to the final post for the year 🥰❤️❤️

  4. This is so beautiful and yes you deserve all the fun this holiday.Well done Dr Bukola

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