Monday, February 07, 2022

My darlings what's new with all of you? Hello, and welcome back to my blog.
The last time I posted on here was in January, and this baby girl was still having a good time in England hahaha. You can read my most recent post here Happy New Year 2022.

how to wear all-black for work
 As you can see from the title of this blog post, it's both a fashion and a life update, so we'll start with the fashion. If you're not new here, you already know that work style is one of my favorite looks to shoot, but I have only published one work style look here since I started grad school, but I hope to do more work style looks for you guys this year. You can check out some of my work-style looks How to style a blazer for work, Stylish Monochromatic outfit for work.

styling all-black for work

Anyway, I intentionally put this look together because it's been a long time since I've shared a work-style look on this blog. Black is one of my favorite colors to style for work. It's such a timeless color, and you can never go wrong with it in terms of styling. With its strong tone, black naturally creates a striking silhouette.

This look was shot in the fall. What a hoarder! Please don't criticize me, but I enjoy batch-creating content and planning my life. Styling leather pants with a sweater top was ideal in fall. I especially like how this look looks with net socks. They'd know you're serious about business if you came to work dressed like this. I honestly can't wait to finish school, secure an amazing job, and start blessing you guys with really nice work-style looks. I chose my short bob wig and nude makeup look to make this look work-appropriate as well.

Now, I'll share with you guys tips on how to style, wear, and kill an all-black ensemble.


  • Toss in some texture. This entails assembling pieces made of various fabrics, like I did with mine (leather + jersey fabric). This keeps the end result from being boring.
  • Try adding a pop of color, like I did with the colorful purse. This would keep the appearance interesting. Bags, shoes, and jewelry may all be used to add a pop of color to your outfit. Gold accessories, like mine, would look great!
  • Keep your makeup toned down for work so it doesn't give off an edgy or gothic impression
  • If you're wearing all black to work, make sure one of the pieces is fitting and shows off your figure.
  • Dress with layers. I would have layered with a long black coat as well if I wanted to layer. I have a look I'd like to share with you guys in the near future in which I styled an all-black outfit with a brown coat. 

All-black monochrome outfits for work

In conclusion, an all-black ensemble can never go wrong if done correctly, and it is a traditional way to go monochrome. I hope you find these tips useful and that you enjoy this look as much as I do.

All-black outfit details for work

Now, I'll give you an update on what I've been up to. I've been attempting to settle down since returning from my trip, which I thoroughly enjoyed. School began two weeks ago, and it has not been easy, but I am confident that God will get me through. I'm taking each day as it comes, learning new things about myself and doing things differently, cooking a lot because I ate out a lot over the holidays, and trying to spend time with God because this is the year that my relationship with him will improve and nothing else will matter!  

How to wear all-black outfit for work

My friend's introduction and civil wedding are this weekend in Maryland, so we'll be there! You may recall that I stated in my first post for the year Happy New Year 2022 that I intend to travel much this year both within and outside of the United States, so if the opportunity arises, I will seize it. I'm looking forward to a busy school week and a relaxing weekend. It's all about finding a balance.

Thank you everybody for stopping by, and I'll see you in the next post. Cheers! 


Top: Hype&steam

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Charles&Keith

Black Bag: Aldo ( Sold out)

Colorful bag: Dmarxxdesign

Photography: Rennysvirtualportfolio


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  1. This is gorgeous Doc! Your attention to detail is so attractive and commendable.

    Thanks for giving us this perfect work style look. The top, pant, shoes and the other accessories are so complementary, especially that colorful bag.

    Thank you for this beautiful piece.

  2. This black combo is lovely, looks great on you too. Congratulations to your friend! Looking forward to #PFExplores in Maryland

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