Wednesday, February 23, 2022

 Hello guys! Hello, and welcome back to my blog. My my, school has been insane. The third semester began with a bang. I'm juggling a lot right now and barely have time for myself. I'm either working on assignments or attempting to sleep whenever I can. This babe is constantly tired. A graduate student's life! I'm hoping things will improve shortly. I haven't even had the time to create fresh content.
You can see why it's crucial to create content in batches and plan ahead as a content creator. All of the photos I've been publishing were taken in October of last year. 

Winter Outfit
 I hope you're all doing well. I'm back with another another all-black ensemble. In my previous post, How to wear all-black for work, I gave tips to styling an all black look and also mentioned that I would share another way to style an all black look.  

How to style black monotone in winter
 In today's blog post, I'll show you how to style an all-black outfit for the winter. Winter is, without a doubt, my least favorite season, but I am always prepared for it. Connecticut's winter is crazy, but it's nothing compared to Ukraine, my God! 

how to style black monotone with neutrals in winter
 Black is a timeless color that goes with everything and is simple to style. I adore an all-black outfit, and a coat is one of the finest ways to change up an all-black look in the winter. In the winter, this is also a great method to layer your outfit. I paired my black turtleneck and black pants, which I like, with an oversized spliced coat for this look.

Winter fashion.
Winter outfit. How to style black monotone.
 This coat was a birthday present from my best friend Tiwa, and it was love at first sight! It's a statement piece that will draw attention when worn, and it can be styled in a variety of ways.
I also went with short hair due to the big fit of the coat, so the focus is primarily on the coat and nothing else is distracting. My coat is presently sold out in this color scheme, but I'll provide a link to another.

Winter Style
Wearing a shirt dress with thigh high heels and a nice bag is another way I'd absolutely style this coat, which I did in collaboration with my blogger friend Yinka but we haven't posted photographs of yet. You can check out my collaboration with Yinka How to style a blazer with denim. As usual, I adore my photographs, which I owe to my friend and photographer Rennysvirtualportfolio.


Turtleneck: H&m

Earrings & ring: Shop.raenna

Pants: BecauseOfAlice

Bag: Aldo

Shoes: Old purchase (Amiclubwear)

 Coat: Misguided


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  1. I love love this fit. I wish winter In Russia will let me look this chick 😭. Laughs in -20+
    Definitely a great one for spring.
    Sending you hugs.
    I can imagine what life’s life doing all that you do. You are strengthened. Pls take out time to care for yourself and just live.
    Everything will be fine.
    Batch content creating is a must! It’s a life hack 🤣🤣

    1. Thanks darling! hehe. I hope you are keeping safe with everything happening between Russia and Ukraine.

  2. This look is so cool. Well done student, it’ll soon be over.

  3. This look is the ONE! I wish you all the best in your studies! It will get better.

  4. Kim K is shaking, you make black look really good and I like the fact you didn't allow anyother accessories steal the show of the coat. And that short hair is best fit for the outfit. You are at the finishing line. Keep pushing

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