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Hello my lovelies! Once again, welcome to my blog. I appreciate everyone's birthday wishes and comments on my last post. I truly felt led to share the post, and the feedback I received left me speechless—people who were unable to leave a comment on the blog messaged me to let me know it was relatable. I am so happy that I get to share both my successes and my struggles, and I aim to continue to inspire and encourage everyone who reads my blog.  If you missed it, please have a look Birthday girl in Noir

The Athleisure Trend

 On May 31, I did a shoot with Renny, which also happened to be the first official content shoot since the year's beginning. Wow! November was the last time we had a shoot day like this. Please believe me when I say that my last semester was hectic! I don't know how I managed to survive. I'm happy to be here again, serving you with fashion content. Today on the blog, we're discussing the Athleisure Fashion Trend for women. This trend happens to be one of the most well-known fashion movements that has taken the world by storm.

How to style Joggers

A properly dressed athleisure outfit fuses athleticism and functionality to provide a sophisticated but entirely wearable and fashionable look. One of the things that makes this trend so appealing to me is that it can be worn for both a strenuous workout and a relaxed or informal outing. Joggers, sometimes referred to as sweatpants, leggings, gym tanks, shorts, shoes, etc. are examples of leisurewear items. For this look, I'm wearing my mustard yellow joggers, which is part of my friend and photographer's collection collaboration with a clothing brand here in Connecticut.

Best Athleisure Wear 2022

The collaboration is called "Give Yourself Grace." I choose to wear it with a black crop-top, heels, and a face-cap for a stylish appearance. Guys, these joggers are of incredible quality! I had to give Renny feedback. It costs only $68 and is well worth the money. In actuality, you would receive a product of higher quality for less money. Let's talk about the fit and style... Fantastic!

The Athleisure Trend

To stay within the color scheme, I chose gold earrings from one of my favorite accessory brand ShopRaenna, a gold watch, black sunglasses, and a green bag for my accessories. I just love the feel of this look, which we photographed in a shopping center garage. This outfit may also be classified as street style, and some more ways I would have worn it include with a pair of sneakers and a beanie, an oversized blazer, a t-shirt, and heels, or even with a bodysuit and heels. Countless options. I love pieces that can be dressed in several ways. Along with a pair of sneakers, joggers are my go to style. Super comfortable.

Athleisure Fashion Trend

I made a promotional video for Renny on the day we shot this look in which I discussed the need of extending grace to oneself. I absolutely love my response now that I think about it, and I've decided to always extend myself grace. Giving myself grace, in my opinion, entails reminding myself that nobody is perfect but also allowing myself to make errors, grow, and learn from them.

Joggers fashion

What does it mean to extend grace to oneself? Please share your thoughts in the comment section. In the upcoming weeks, I'll be posting a couple more fashion-related posts. I have some spare time now that my summer course is over and I'm officially out of school until September! Thanks for visiting and hope to see you in my next post. Cheers!


Top: Zara

Joggers: Hanesie Clothes

Bag: Mango

Facecap: Old purchase

Shoes: Zara

Photography Rennysvirtualportfolio

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  1. I find this look appealing because I’m all about comfort when I dress so I see myself pulling this off well. I love the color combination too and how you paired it with the shoe- very chic!

    Dr. Peks

  2. These pictures are so stunning. I would never have paired those shoes with the joggers. Great choice of style! Extending grace to oneself is simply focusing on progress rather than perfection. It is loving myself and trusting that God loves me inspite of my imperfections.

  3. While getting professional medical help for depression is always a good idea, especially if the condition is severe, there are also many non-medical solutions a person can take on their own to reduce symptoms of depression.


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