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One of my current favorite fashion trends is the cropped blazer one. Hello lovely people! How are you all doing? Once again, welcome to my blog. Please read my most recent blog post Athleisure Chic.

How to wear the cropped blazer trend in 2022

This blog post is long overdue. These pictures were taken in Birmingham on my trip in December. A hoarder! I shared one of the looks from this shoot day How to layer a casual outfit. We are talking about the cropped blazer trend on the blog today. 

How to wear the cropped blazer trend
How to wear a cropped blazer

Blazers are already known to be essential pieces for any wardrobe, and I adore how versatile they are. I believe the cropped blazer trend started in 2020, but I didn't get one until 2021 after seeing the Instagram babes rocking theirs. I don't usually follow trends, but I just had to with this one. 

styling a cropped blazer

A cropped blazer not only provides your outfit that sophisticated finishing touch, but it also gives it that unexplainable vibe. It boasts a modern cut in addition to a sharp traditional silhouette. Cropped blazers can be worn in a variety of ways like; with skirts (mini, midi & maxi), with shorts, boots, dresses, high-waist pants, denim, formal pants to give that business/formal look. Countless styling possibilities! I found this cropped blazer on Nasty-gal when searching for a place to purchase one. Given that I already own two black blazers in my wardrobe, the color was undoubtedly what drew me to this one. 

cropped blazer trend

The possibility to purchase matching pants caught my eye as well. I simply made the decision to get both since I love two-piece outfits they would give me styling options, with the ability to style them separately. I chose nude boots, a nude hat, and a green Telfar purse because I wanted to stick to the green and nude color palette for this outfit. Additionally, since every other element of the outfit was plain, I opted for a printed t-shirt to mix things up and add some interest.


  • The first tip would be to make sure you get an oversized cropped blazer. I believe this is the key to getting this look right.

  • Play with options. The cropped blazer is a versatile piece. You can style it a pair of chunky boots to give an edgy look or a pair of baggy jeans as they go well together. Have fun with styling!

  • Accessories make the difference! Accessorize as you please, depending on the vibe / look you are going for. 

  • Play with textures. Mix different fabrics /prints just like I did by mixing plain with prints.

  • The oversized blazer is a statement piece on its own so, you wanna keep it simple and classy.

Let's talk about the pictures! These are some of my favorite photos from the previous year. Pictures are incredibly clean and sharp. I used one of them as my profile picture sometime last month and my dad said he loves the picture which is also my best picture that he had seen of recent. My friend Sean is an amazing photographer. Knowing and working with such lovely individuals makes me really proud.

Cropped blazers
the cropped blazer fashion trend

Next time we shoot together will be exciting, I can't wait. I am ecstatic! You can check out other blog posts I have written in which Sean took the pictures. Datenight Inspiration, A Birthday Blogpost, My Personal NYSC Project, The Obligatory Blogpost, A Vintage Fashion Editorial. Wow! We have come a long way, his work continues to improve and I am super proud of him. If you're in the UK, please patronize him Seanshotit. He is capable of and willing to travel. Now that this post has been published, I am incredibly relieved *whew*. Are you a fan of the cropped blazer trend? Do you own one yourself? If so, could you provide links? I'm curious to see how you guys styled it. I might just get inspired! Thanks for stopping by. See you guys in my next blog post. Cheers!


Blazer Set: Nasty Gal

Floral T-shirt: Boohoo

Boots: Zara

Bag: Telfar

Hat: Forever21

Photography Seanshotit

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  1. Loving everything about this look, from the nude color to the green bag to brighten up the whole outfitπŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    1. Loving everything about this look, from the nude color to the green bag to brighten up the whole outfitπŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  2. My beautiful Buks…Love the look and the attention to details πŸ₯°❤️
    Love, Tee

  3. I love this look😍😍😍 Very Beautiful and decent ! Well done Babes ❤️

  4. Love this so much!😍😍😍 definitely adding this to my fashion inspo collection!πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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