Monday, September 26, 2022

 Hello lovely people! I hope everything is going great for you all. Yay, I'm back with a new blog post! If you missed it, read my most recent blog post Simple Wedding Guest Inspiration. That post served as a farewell to summer as well. I'm truly in awe of how quickly time has passed. Were we not simply on vacation for the summer? now fall? Please read my first fall post for 2021, which explains why autumn is my favorite season Hello, Fall! How to style blazer with jeans and another post I shared How To Style An Oversized Sweater For Fall. The summer, though, may now be my favorite season, hehe. Unforgettable summer this year.

camo, style, pants, street-style, fall, fashion

Today on the blog, I am sharing my first Fall 2022 outfit which also is a way of easing into the season before bringing out the genuine fall jackets, which I believe should already be out because I walked outside yesterday evening and boy, was it chilly.

fall, fall 2022, fashion, camo pants, style, blogger, fashion,
camo, style, pants, street-style, fall, fashion, blogger, influencer

This outfit combines these camouflage pants with a ribbed knit collared shirt, a bag, and heels. I simply happened to be browsing this website for boots when I landed onto my camo pants. Fall was the first thought that sprung into my head. I've had these for over a year now since I bought them. I tried on my pants with this top because I knew I didn't want to wear them with a dark colored sweater or even a turtleneck sweater, and it looked great so I didn't bother looking for other options. This is so completely different, and I love it. I'm referring to pairing camouflage pants with a collared rib knit blouse. Along with making the outfit pop out, the yellow top's button detail is also lovely. I decided on black and gold for my accessories after getting my look together. My black ankle boot-style sandals came out to play. The high-waist, parachute-style camo trousers are perfect for me because of their cuff detail, length, and how they sit on my sandals.

camo, style, pants, street-style, fall, fashion
camo, style, pants, street-style, fall, fashion, connecticut, blogger, influencer

Let's discuss my bag! Even though it was rather last-minute, I instantly fell in love with it and thought it complemented the look perfectly. This is your cue to style pattern on pattern. It is perfectly okay to do so! Since I didn't want anything to detract from the fit, short hair was the ideal choice for me.
My black sunglasses, gold bracelet, watch, and earrings completed the look. There was a certain attitude to this entire ensemble that I can't quite put into words. Location was perfect as well. Nothing distracting! The pictures are also giving what they ought to! My favorites were those that were taken from above. Renny did an awesome job. This blog post has now come to a close, and I hope you all found it interesting. I intend to photograph more autumnal outfits to share with you all. If you have created any fall outfits, kindly let me know and share links. I want to see. Who knows, maybe I'll get some inspiration. 

Styling Camo Pants for fall

Thanks for visiting and see y'all later. Please drop comments and share this post. I love reading from you. Cheers!!!


Photography: Rennysvirtualportfolio

Top: Zara

Bag: Dmarxx Design

Pants: Shoedazzle

Sunglasses: Gucci

Shoes: Zara

Earrings: ShopRaenna

Watch: Michael Kors


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  1. Fashionistaaaaaa!😍😍 (Ayoola)

  2. Best in styling!!! ♥️♥️ 💯 (sassiemahyour)

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