Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Hello, sweethearts! Welcome back to the blog. I hope everything is good with you guys. If you missed it, please read my most recent blog post How To Style Camo Pants. Exactly one month ago, I made a post on the blog. Your girl has been really busy. On October 3rd, my blog became 8 years old, yet I didn't even write a post to mark the occasion. That demonstrates how busy I have been. Next year, we would have a celebration and post on the blog for sure!

Styling brown and white in autumn

I'm sharing this look on the blog today, and my babes can use it as inspiration for their fall outfits.
I was gifted this outfit by a brand, and my initial plan was to publish it on Instagram, but during my shoot yesterday, which was also last-minutely scheduled, I changed my mind and decided it should also be posted on the blog as well. Everyone is aware that autumn is in full swing; the leaves are falling and everything is stunning. If you're new to the blog, let me just say that one of my favorite seasons is fall.

Fall Fashion 2022
Autumn Style

 It's story time.... Because I've been so busy, I haven't had enough time to shoot my look ahead of time like I'd normally do and the plan was to share today, I just decided to take some self photos using a remote control and a tripod. I also did not want to schedule two major shoots during the week because I had already scheduled a shoot outside of Connecticut for the weekend. But guess what? God said something different. On Sunday, I joined Nathaniel Bassey's Hallelujah Challenge, and at that time, the lovely female photographer Ickra just reached out to me over dm. She had a great approach and was seeking out a talent in CT to work with. When I saw that message, I wondered how God could be providing for something I hadn't even prayed for but had been considering. Can we just talk about how God provides exactly what you need at the right time?? I was so speechless. It would have been stressful, time-consuming, and more difficult for me to have created the content myself, but God provided, and I am very glad. I told her about the look I wanted to photograph while also mentioning that I would love to share content by Wednesday as we continued to speak and exchanged numbers. Guys, guess what? She suggested that we shoot on Tuesday so that I would have my content ready for posting on Wednesday. I finalized this ensemble and even put together pieces for another one.

Fall fashion inspiration
How to style brown and white in autumn

 Let's talk about what I'm wearing. This brown short puff sleeve button front cardigan has a sweetheart neckline, and I'm wearing it with a pair of high waist, ripped white jeans—my first white jeans in years. I had been looking for one, but this one was ideal and timely. Personally, I love brown and white together. They make an excellent, classic pairing. I chose gold accessories, a white bag, and my nude boots as my accessories.  

Brown autumn aesthetic

For this outfit, I knew I didn't want to have black hair or wear anything else that would draw attention to myself, so I chose my blonde wig and decorated it with beaded hairpins like a fashion babe. I love the way everything worked out. My brown lipstick also came out to play.

Fall hair accessories

 The location was Yale and it was perfect. Ickra did all the location scouting and I am grateful she found the right location. If you're in CT or the surrounding area, kindly check at her Instagram Capturedbyiqqi to see her work and consider booking her. Thanks for visiting. I'm hoping you enjoy this look as much as I do. See you in my upcoming blog-post. Cheers!!


Jeans: Express

Top: Express

Bag: Jacquemus

Boots: Zara

Earrings: Express

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  1. Beautiful look
    Love love the colors, so “earthy”.
    Well done and thank you for putting together this lovely look 🙌🏼❤️

  2. Absolutely love this. It’s giving everything 😍♥️🥰 - Sassiemahyour

  3. Gorgeous babe in a beautiful fit….. I love the makeup 😍🥰

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