Monday, November 21, 2022

What's up, everybody? Welcome back to the blog! October was a hectic month, and November has been busy, but despite everything, I am grateful and also thankful because I managed to carve out time to write this post, which I planned to publish this week. Sincerely, I can't believe December begins the next week.

How to style a sweater in autumn

 The blog post for today will be rather straightforward but also include some story time hehe.. This is the third blog post I've made this season about fall fashion, and it's also one of my favorite looks this season.  You can catch up on the previous two Styling Brown and White in Autumn, How to Style Camo Pants.

Autumn fashion trend 2022
Styling a sweater in autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to wear sweaters. I only purchased sweaters and beanies during my mini asos haul in September. It was love at first sight when I saw this specific sweater, and I ended up purchasing one in the mint green color as well. I was drawn in by the design, the sleeves, and the color, which I believe to be ginger and is a great addition to your fall collection. 

Fall 2022 outfit inspiration

 I also really like how comfy the sweater is; believe me, it can be worn in a variety of ways.
With the exception of the cap and perhaps a work bag, this outfit could be worn to the office by my 9–5 babes. I stuck to styling this sweater with neutral hues for this look. I decided to switch things up by donning a hat alongside wearing formal pants, and boots. I kept the rest of my accessories to a minimum. 

How to style a sweater for autumn

Now its story time. I reconnected with Kain, a photographer I worked with in 2016, on one of my holidays to Philadelphia. I found him using hashtags on Ig and we have been cool since then on Ig. It is so funny how life can be. Since I got to CT, we kinda kept in touch and would casually talk about planning a shoot but it never happened. Let me just say that this was excellent timing, and I really do think that everything happens for a reason. I'm glad we finally got it done, even though we kept having to reschedule. So, I traveled to Philadelphia from Connecticut on this particular day with the intention of shooting three outfits with Kain. I am really looking forward to showing you guys my favorite outfit from the shoot. When I arrived in Philadelphia, Kain was so kind to pick me up at the train station, he found the ideal spots, and dropped me off once the shoot was finished.

Autumn work style inspiration

After shooting, I was extremely worn out. I am incredibly grateful to Kain and delighted with how the shoot day went.  You guys should not say I did not do anything for you o. I traveled all the way to create content. It is the dedication for me!

The location for this first look was perfect! y'all can even see from the pictures. The leaves just blended with my outfit, the sun did it's thing and I also really love the picture I sat on a rock. If you are in Philadelphia and in need of a photographer, please check out Kain Black. Thank you guys for visiting and see you all in my next post. I wonder what that'll be. We'd find out.. Cheers!


Sweater: Asos

Pants: Zara

Boots: Zara

Hat: Forever21

Earrings: ShopRaenna

Purse: Badgley Mischka

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  1. This is so beautiful and colorful 🥰

  2. I love everything about this shoot. Colors blended well, popping too ♥️ - Sassiemahyour


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