Tuesday, January 10, 2023

 Hello beautiful people! Welcome back to the blog. I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend. Please catch up with my first post of the year if you missed it. I'd highly recommend you check it out Ready! Set!! Goals!!!. This post is going to be really short and straight to the point. Today on the blog, we'll be discussing how to style a camel coat. In my opinion, a camel coat should be a staple in every babe's wardrobe. They transform an ordinary outfit from 0 to 100. There's just something about them.

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My best friend got me this coat for my birthday, and it was love at first sight. It is so ideal that I have already styled it for the blog before. Check out my styling in a previous post for another way to wear a camel coat Winter Outfit and I also added a picture from that post. Since camel coats are already statement items, I prefer to style them with neutral hues like brown, white, black, and beige, as well as monochromatic and monotone outfits. I have three camel coats in my closet, and because of the spliced style of this one, whenever I style it, I usually go for simple ensembles. Since it has two different hues, I want to keep the actual clothing simple to maintain a neat, put-together, and classy appearance. 

camel coat, fashion, style
camel coat, style, inspiration, winter 

 The classic appearance is also achieved with camel coats. So, for this outfit, I'm wearing a cream sweater, wide-leg high-waist jeans, and black accessories while slinging my coat over my shoulders. This outfit was intentionally kept simple and this was another look I photographed in Philadelphia with Kain. You can check out the first look I shared How To Style A Sweater in Autumn. I really like the photos that were taken in the city. Well, I always love my pictures, hehe. 

winter, style, camel coat, fashion
ideas, camel coat, styling

Additionally, I have included images from a collaboration shoot I did with my friend Yinka in Connecticut, where we styled camel coats with white shirts and my camel coat made another appearance. I'm in love with it so much in every aspect! length, fit, tone, and style. You now have a total of four ways to style a camel coat. Buying an enormous camel coat is one styling advice for it. Camel coats, in my opinion, look better when they are oversized. You can also check out my first collaboration with Yinka on the blog Connecticut Blogger Collaboration.

Style guide, camel coat, fashion, winter staple
black women, collaboration, fashion, shoot

This post has come to an end. I fulfilled my promise by keeping this post brief, hehe! Do you have a camel coat? Which camel coat styling choice is your favorite? Please let me know in the comments section. I appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you in my next post. Cheers!!

Photography Kain Black

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